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How To: Make a Portable USB Charger!, A tutorial showing how to make a portable, AA battery powered USB charger that is quick, easy and cheap to build. Works with any USB powered device including iPhone, tablets etc.

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23 thoughts on “Usb Charger

  1. you should also make a provision about how to charge the batteries. maybe
    add an extra circuit inside it or give a standard micro USB port in which
    you can connect your phone charger’s cable to charge the batteries.

  2. I’m going to assume if you wanted to use rechargeable AA Batteries you’d
    need 10 rather than 8 as they are 1.2 volts and not 1.5.

    However I tried this an nothing. The light on the usb comes on but nothing
    happena when I plug it into my phone. Any suggestions? 

  3. I’m waiting for my switches to come in. I got boxes on ebay and
    batterypacks. I haven’t gotten usb ‘ s yet. Does it have to me a car
    charger. I’d love you guys opinons.

  4. If I put 4 AA good rechargeable; how much charge will it hold in MAH?
    If I want to increase the output to 2.5 volt then what I have to do? how
    many Battery do I need?

  5. You gotta keep that fuse in there otherwise your phone will be a smoking
    burnt mess! The iPhone can only use a maximum of 5V not 12V! That is what
    that fuse is for!

  6. i have a upgrade but instead of none rechable batteries whit charcable
    batteries and take a part a battery charger conect whit te wires make a
    plug output/input have a wall adaper and its recharbale instead of WASTIN

  7. I made it but instead of giving power to my phone it’s taking the power
    (when I connected my phone was 42% after 30 minutes it was 31% ) help?

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