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How To Wall Mount a TV (Plasma, LED & LCD) – Abt Electronics, Shop TV Wall Mounts –

There are different types of wall mounts that offer varying motion options for your TV. Depending on the placement of the TV you may choose to have a flat mount a tilting mount or an articulation or cantilever mount. Each mount has specific benefits as listed below:
1. Flat/Fixed
This type of mount will keep the TV snug against the wall which allows for a clean look from the side of the TV. You will see no wires from the side view and the TV will remain in a fixed position as close to the wall as possible
2. Flat/Tilt
This type of mount will keep the TV close to the wall but allow for up to a 15 degree tilt. This is a great benefit when the TV is to be mounted higher on the wall such as in the case of mounting above a fireplace. The user can tilt the TV down in order to reduce glare or to make the TV easier to see from seating below.
3. Swing Arms
This type of mount will hold the TV off the wall in an increased distance from that of the flat or tilt mount. This mount will allow the user to swivel or pan the TV from side to side in order to increase the viewing angle of the TV. This is a beneficial option in a large room that has more than one group of seating that may be utilized in watching the TV
4. Articulating/Cantilever
Like the swing arm this type of mount will typically protrude a few inches off the wall. The ability to pull out and pan the TV up to 180 degrees allows the TV to be viewed from 2 different adjoining rooms. Another use for this type of arm would be when installing the TV in an armoire or entertainment cabinet the user could hide the TV inside when not in use and simply pull it out when its time to watch TV.,

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  1. Snap togglers, who showed you that? Hit the stud in residential and use
    togglers nice. In commercial use togglers into metal studs and metal
    backing.. Use snap togglers in cinder block walls, they are bitching!
    That’s rad to see other people using them.. Goodjobgoodjob 

  2. you are great.. 🙂
    can you please guide me… I’ve bought an LG 42LB5820 now I want to wall
    mount it but the moving wall mount for to and fro motion as I am connecting
    it with my pc so I usually connect and disconnect thing very often so for
    that purpose I need a wall mount with to and fro motion.. Please help..

  3. Lol I’m here watching my dad and my uncle bumble around trying to mount my
    uncles flatscreen onto the wall now. It’s hilarious plus I keep pointing
    out the guy in the video finished before they did and he was by himself and
    I started the video much after they had started. LMAO my uncle just
    realized he had a drill and him and my dad have been trying to screw it in
    with screwdrivers lol.

  4. That’s right! It is wise to use screw driver instead of a power drill to
    install the arm behind the tv. A power may be too powerful and cause
    damage. Great installation video.

  5. 4:40 why is there so much force to drill the hole on that side? can there
    be something on the other side, like a pipe or electric tube? just asking
    thanks for the video, very informative

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