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How To Make RJ45 Network Patch Cables – Cat 5E and Cat 6, Music:, Merch:
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Qain shows us how to put together a Cat 5E and Cat 6 cables.,

25 thoughts on “Network Cable

  1. This is a great tutorial and very informative with detail! I’m installing
    cctv i have cat5e tools but I’ll be using cat6 cable, will my cat5e
    crimping tools fit the cat6 ends? can cat5e ends work on cat6 cable?

  2. Thanks, have the tool, just got my first router installed & VOIP adapter,
    now to move it all to a hall closet & wire my house, cable, Phone, & home
    theater I’ve done proff, only made one network cable, needed that color
    code. Great video.

  3. It is good to note that, by standard, you don’t actually have a loader for
    cat 6 (second half of video) but you should always try and get sockets with
    the loaders otherwise you are just making life hard for yourself for no
    real reason.

  4. It really would be more helpful to the world if all the “experts” on most
    of the video’s would stop calling a 8P8C connector a RJ45. It’s just a
    piece of plastic with some pins until a specific wiring specification is
    determined. No one uses a true RJ45 wiring structure anymore. Even T type
    carrier uses a 8pin plug and it’s definitely NOT an RJ45.

  5. Thanks for making this. I am taking a online networking course and it has a
    rather difficult way to explaining how to make this cable and it looks a
    lot simple when it is show in a way such as this. thank you for making

  6. Awesome! Well done indeed!
    I am now ready to repair a cable end that lost it’s locking latch.
    Plus getting ready to install a security camera system that requires a
    1-1/2″ hole for the camera pigtail to go through the wall. Now I will only
    need a 3/8″ hole and install a new end and use a coupler!
    Thank you!

  7. Cool vid, have you ever worked with flat cable?
    I’m looking at my rj-45 plug and I don’t think it will clamp down far
    enough to hold the flat cable.I’ve looked on the interwebs, but can’t find
    any info!

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