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The Most EXTREME Hi-Fi Speakers Video / Home Audio MADNESS – Analogic Sound & Top Quality Systems, Thanks for rating and Comments – Roma Hi-fi Mostra dicembre 2012 hotel midas ONLY 2 CHANNEL STEREO SYSTEMS
Rome Hi-fi Show december 2012 hotel midas
enjoy the video 😉
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25 thoughts on “Hifi Speakers

  1. To ebronken….never base an opinion to a demo system at an audio show as
    there there so many things that are out of the hands of the companies, like
    a hotel’s power grid, poor set up, poor rooms, bleed over from other
    rooms…I heard a system at a friend’s house that was exactly the same at
    the RMAF show in Denver….it was a system I was intimately familiar with
    but at the show the system that sounds beyond belief in my friend’s house
    sounded like poopie at the show….that year, the hotel’s power grid was
    acting up and that is one of the things I suspected…

  2. impossible to be worst cameraman we see everything blur. u’re not an
    audiophile for sure or ud show us every system better from sources to
    speaker. DO ANOTHER HOBBY friendly.

  3. i´ve been to a few high end audio shows also own a decent system if i may
    say so myself , but 1 thing that puzzles me is that in this video the music
    that is clearly playing in the background is music made for high end
    systems , so why did the editor of this video put a heavy bass track as a
    replacement for the original soundtrack , which has more than frequencies
    to make any normal persons home hifi shake with fear 🙂 .

  4. I’m a dj with a big rig – (up to 10,000k), and I still get the best and
    most pleasing sound at home with my Sony headphones! I want sound not

  5. The problems with demonstrations at shows like this is the music. They
    don’t play music that regular people listen to. They instead play some crap
    “specialty” music that nobody has heard of.

  6. They’re only extreme if they can reproduce any of the “extreme” genres of
    music including extreme metal, crust punk, grindcore, free jazz, noise
    music, and industrial music. Yup.

  7. why is it that i’d take a vintage top of the line system (marantz, Sansui
    …) over this? Something about modern equipment just doesn’t do it for me.

  8. жесть! звук абсолютно выродился, никакой! стерильный, ватный, зажатый,
    глухой! hi-end добил звук, сделал из него карикатуру, посмешище.
    Современный звук – это помойка. Послушайте хотя бы, как звучит хороший
    винтаж 70-ых годов. Это будет вам ответом.

  9. I dont know why we still have expensive connectors on the ends of our
    speaker cables. Solder posts would get rid of a lot of the problems
    associated with the current spring/friction grip/screw down types. Can YOU
    hear the difference soldered cables make? Of course you can – you’re an

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