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The Facts and Truths About HDMI Cables,
We may all think that HDMI cables are not alike, but the truth is that every HDMI cable is basically the same. You shouldn’t be breaking the bank to buy a smile HDMI cable. We have our explination and suggestions on what a HDMI cable is and where you should get one on the cheap.


25 thoughts on “Hdmi Cable

  1. Hdmi cables are not the same. 1.4 allows signals to go both directions
    through the cable. 1.3 increased the bandwidth to 340hz (10.2Gbps), more
    color support (depth of color and broader color space). 1.2 increased the
    audio throughput of the cable. 1.1 brought support for audio. Might need to
    research the abilities of each version. Now you are correct when you
    compare a 1.4 to a 1.4 cable, but there are 5 different versions that all
    have different support.

  2. I bought a 6.5 Feet/2 Meters Amazon Basics HDMI Cable for $11.44. Are they
    good? (Things aren’t cheap here in Canada, you have the shipping and
    handling of course, and then there is the Canadian HST tax.) I saw the
    reviews, it’s quality, and what it features that it has before I ordered
    it, it looked really good to me and it had a highly positive response.

    I am not going to spend over $30 for an HDMI cable, no freaking way. HDMI
    cables and expensive prices do not mix in my opinion.

    Awesome video, btw. Thanks for the explanation of HDMI, needed it. :P

  3. gold plating is for more than corrosion resistance, it increases the number
    of times you can insert the plug before the connection becomes unreliable,
    but usually not useful for an hdmi cable, usually only good for audio
    equipment like mics and guitars, not even headphones

  4. OK, hold up. These cables aren’t actually sending “ones and zeros” to a TV
    or whatever. ‘Digital’ is an abstraction, not a physical transport. What
    these cables are actually conveying are electrical signals. Yeah, they’re
    organized in a way that represents digital data, but they’re still
    electrical signals, and they still have to deal with the same problems of
    resistance, interference and attenuation as any other electrical signal.
    The big reason why HDMI cables behave identically is because HDMI is an
    entire standard; one that dictates what gauge wire to use, how many twists
    per foot, what kind of shielding, etc. That said, there does seem to be a
    noticeable difference in build quality between the budget cables and the
    more expensive ones. I’ve had several el cheapo HDMI cables intermittently
    cut out or just fail altogether on me. I don’t consider that to be a big
    deal for cables that are easily replaceable, (I have a whole stack of
    spare, dirt-cheap Monoprice cables) but I would whole-heartedly recommend
    springing for better-built cables in places like in-wall installations.

  5. i get the cheapest possible HDMI cables from ebay, even a $2 cable(made in
    china) works perfectly well, unless u want to use them to hang yourself, it
    should be okay.

  6. nice video man, I went to my nearest electronics retailer, and they told me
    a bunch of shit about how i need the expensive ones, and i acted dumb like
    i didnt know, and i brought up whats the gold plated for, and they says its
    for corrosion as u explained, then i said, cant i go for a cheaper one,
    cause im pretty sure my cables arent gonna get corroded in my living room,
    then they changed the subject to another bullshit feature lol. Like the
    ones he was showing me has carbon fibre on it, i was like, really bro,
    gonna save some extra weight lol…

  7. I’ve had family members buying the 20/30$ HDMI cables from best buy and
    Walmart. I saw the ones online for cheap and I was pretty skeptical. But
    after hearing this I think I will give them a try. Thanks!

  8. Sorry Alan but it’s not just the “placebo effect”. Lol far from it. Now for
    many people sure they probably won’t see or hear a difference, because they
    either have cheap or poor quality tv’s and or are not well calibrated. but
    anyone trying to get the best performance needs to be given the right
    information so they can make a more informed decision. It is a well known
    fact in the high end industry all cables make a difference its just much of
    the general public. 

  9. He’s pretty much correct on all counts, so long as the hdmi cables compared
    are the same type and capacity (1.4,1.3). A person who owns a low end tv
    like off brands, then yes it wouldn’t make a noticeable difference. But a
    4k you do need to put a few extra dollars down. The manufacturers do
    upgrade their audio and video data transfer capacities. I’d never buy a
    monster or audioquest cable though.

  10. Well i have a 24k gold premium cable i got for $30 a few years back and a
    silver $3 hdmi cable & there is a BIG difference playing my xbox and
    watching movies between the two, gold one has more crisp & clear image 

  11. Every cable, no matter what kind, has certain characteristics. These
    include characterisic impedance, loss, and velocity factor. It doesn’t
    matter if the cable is carrying an RF signal or digital pulses (hey, it all
    boils down to RF…study some “Fourier analysis”!) The cable properties
    are determined by things like physical dimensions and the materials of

  12. As long as you are comparing apples to apples they are the same. I worked
    at BBY for 18 years. I’ve been in audio and video (manufacturing) for over
    40 yrs. I have used them all. If you listen to the hype and are a person
    that buys into that and have money to burn…go for it! I know the mark up
    on these products, it’s ridiculous. If you have doubts
    buy a $200 HDMI (knowing good and well that you can return it) and the
    same length from Monoprice or where ever, hook them up and see for
    yourself. You must be honest though. PS, be sure neither is a faulty cable.
    I’m not from Missouri but I do have to see it for myself! Remember this.
    The salesmen selling to the big boxes are better salesmen than the ones
    working at the big box selling to you. Buyer beware.

  13. It’s amazing to me the claims of needing an 240hz HDMI cable, when 240hz is
    not the function of the cable nor the source (Bluray, etc.). It is the
    function of the TV period. Hell, the skinniest speaker cable is capable of
    at least 20 to 20000hz. (20Khz.) Way beyond a measly 240hz. A 240hz. cable
    simply does not exist. Keep in mind that most American wall sockets
    generate electricity to your wonderful equipment at 60hz.

  14. Expensive HDMI cables would go the way of the dodo if most people
    understood the concept of digital signal processing. Or the differences
    between analog and digital transmission.

    1’s and 0’s don’t care about the pathway, as long as they can get from one
    end to the other. 

  15. I know alot about Electronics and I buy my Equipment the cheapest way but
    smart and effective, now Hdmi cables I pay $8.00 and have had no issues and
    very awesome quality results so I say expensive things are not always cut
    out to be so great and don’t always last as long as the old cheap good
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  16. Has anyone ever asked to hear an audio quest hdmi demo… You’ll be
    surprised.. not saying cables aren’t expensive, but with a $300 or $3000 or
    $30000 audio system you will hear the difference. So I’d say it’s fair to
    regard cables as a part of your budget just like you would an amplifier. 

  17. I work at “Club Tarjay” in the Electronics department. They sell a wide
    variety of cables at several price points, inclucing the gold-plated
    Monster cables. We don’t get commission and at only a hair above minimum
    wage, I’m much happier steering people toward the $10 6′ cables that work
    just as well as any of the others.

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